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I am the first to admit that I do not trust our government whether it be local, state, or federal nor am I a fan of war or any extreme violence unless in defense of a REAL threat. However I do support the men and women of our military and admire they’re selfless commitment to this country and the flag is a symbol of the sacrifices these people make everyday.
I know the “1700 flag” is a reference to the flag lowering at 5 p.m. every evening at U.S. Military establishments but when I saw this post I thought to myself “Why would you swear an oath to honor & protect then mock the symbol so many have sacrificed for”. Then I relized a few things that may sound a bit harsh & a li’l over the top so if you are offended, upset or have any other issues with this or anything else I post TOUGH SHIT!
PFC Sheffey obviously doesn’t understand the words sacrifice, loyalty, honor, & respect witch tells me that PFC Sheffey is not only arrogant, pathetic, and sad but is also a liability due to the fact that she apparently can’t “SACRIFICE” a few moments to salute the “retreat” flag to “HONOR” the soldier & the P.O.W. who never made it home & show some “RESPECT” to the veteran who survived unimaginable hells or the Mother receiving a folded flag as the Father watches his only son lowered into the ground.  Her defiant actions & disregarding comments make me question her “LOYALTY” to the country she swore to protect & the men & women she may one day fight alongside. 
I believe those 4 words are essential to a persons character in order to develop & solidify “TRUST” in any relationship especially if you just so happen to make a wrong turn & wind up in a war zone. PFC Sheffey exhibited non of those charactoristics but did prove to be a bit juvenile & irresponsible… 
The history of this country is no where near perfect by any means but we’re not the only one & in a lot of cases no where near as bad but the flag symbolizes to the individual. For some it represents pride, honor, freedom, for others oppression, tyanny, greed. 
For me the flag has represented all of these at one time or another along with sacrifice, individuality, & mercy but no matter how pissed off & frustrated I get at most of the idiots running this place I would never dishonor the people who trully & selflessly gave there all wether they held a pen or a rifle, from past to present. These people are owed a well deserved gesture of appreciation.
I think why I find this so offensive is not her ditching formation or even the selfie but the fact that PFC Tariqka Sheffey not only smirked about not having to salute the flag but some hours later posted a video stating that its not that serious & thanking the people who stood up for her witch makes me wonder if any of her supporters would really share a fox hole with her? “SELFIE!!!” as an I.E.D. go’s off… 
In my not so professional opinion I feel that PFC Sheffey is about as useful as a Proctologist with poor depth perception. She has no respect for the flag & the country it represents & showed a blatent disregard to every American, living or dead who have gone the extra mile for the love of “NOT GOVERNMENT” but country. 
just sayin…